3 Quick Maintenance Steps To Stay on Top of Your Game

It is important to stay on top of your game, and with the help of some handy tips, it can be done!

Is your social media up to date? Check the apps you use for any updates, and make sure you’re posting correctly. Make sure your website is working properly by checking for any errors or broken links. And unsubscribe from emails that you don’t need to receive anymore!

Updating Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for business owners who are looking to expand their reach. It’s also a great way to engage with existing clients and to reach out to potential customers.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you are keeping your social media accounts updated with fresh content. The key is coming up with something that will catch the attention of your followers and encourage them to engage with your posts. You might want to start by utilizing images in your posts, as they are more likely to be shared.

Attract Followers

A social media post should be shareable, engaging, and easy to read. It should also capture the attention of the reader in order to get them hooked on the content.

Tips include:

  • Be creative in your approach
  • Know your audience
  • Keep it short and sweet

Use Images

Images are the most effective way to get your message across on social media. A well-designed image can make your post the most liked one in seconds.

First, upload an impeccable photo with a caption that is short and catchy with a link to an article or website. Share it on all of your social media accounts for maximum visibility.

Second, share interesting posts from other content creators you follow. You can use an app like Hootsuite to schedule posts for days ahead of time so you don’t have to manually share content every day.

Check Site for Errors

You don’t need to know code to find errors on your website. For those of us who are not technical, we can use a free tool like Google’s PageSpeed Insights to see where there might be improvements.

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a tool from Google that tells you how fast your page loads to different devices and browsers. It also provides tips on how to make your website faster.

The tool measures a score in a range from 0–100. A high score means the page is optimized for speedy load times, while a low score means it’s not optimized at all. PageSpeed Insight will also show you what can be done to get that number higher or lower.

Unsubscribe From Email Lists

We are all guilty of signing up to an email list, forgetting about it for a while, and then getting spammed with too many emails to handle. But what are the consequences of this?

There are many downsides to being subscribed to old email lists. You start receiving emails that you don’t want or need. Some emails come in 4 times a day which wastes your time and energy.

People also miss important mail because they have too many subscriptions to check every day. Finally, it’s not only annoying but actually dangerous when the people who send you these emails get your personal information from your profile or any other type of social media account.



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