Why You Should Start Investing From Your Very First Job

There’s a very powerful financial force, and it’s called compound interest. If you start investing from your very first job as a teen, you can be wealthy and retired well before the age of 65.

What Exactly is Compound Interest?

Compound interest is a fee you get for letting someone else use your money. However, with compound interest, you don’t just get a fee on the principal amount that you lend.

Every time interest is charged to the borrower, it adds into the principal amount and basically, the borrower starts paying interest on top of the interest. This is why credit card debt can get out of hand extremely fast.

How Can Compound Interest Work For Me?

Just like you would pay interest borrowing money with a credit card, you can get interest by letting other people borrow money from you. There are many ways to do this.

If you’re looking at making the power of interest work for you, check out an emerging lending practice called P2P (peer to peer) in which you are the bank for other people who need to borrow. There are many companies like Prosper you can sign up with as a lender.

Retire Young and Wealthy

I can guarantee if you put 15% of your money into smart investments like Apple which produces around a 300% average return every 5 years, you’ll be very wealthy and retired no later than 50 years old.

Just remember to start investing as soon as you start working. You can’t save your way to wealth.



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Gary Mike Adams

Gary Mike Adams


I am an eclectic writer with many interests and topics that go through my head daily. I am extremely passionate about my craft and always want to push further.